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Boys Crystal Kit
Boys Crystal Kit
Boys Crystal Kit

Boys Crystal Kit

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These gorgeous crystal kits come with 3 gorgeous creations from the earth that will give children hours of play. Your children will enjoy owning these beautiful crystals, feeling special that is their very own to treasure for a lifetime.

We call this kit a boys crystal kit simply because they are traditional boys colours but of course anyone can reap the benefits of these amazing stones. 

Our crystal kits arrive at your door in a Squirrel House custom cotton bag.

Below are some of the many benefits for the quality stones:

Leopard Jasper - a powerful protection stone. It is a great stone to utilize when connecting with the animal kingdom. Fantastic for healing and stress relief. 

Black Obsidian - is a powerful stone for protection against negativity as it blocks negative energies from the environment. Great to be used for manifestation, purification, and to help promote more compassion and strength. 

Fuschite -  helps us to understand issues concerning our daily lives, such as stress, physical health, routines, and environment. It brings about a need to focus on basic concerns especially with other people and the material world. It shifts energies into positive ones and is fantatsic for knowing your own self worth. 


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WARNING: Chocking hazard. Never leave baby/child unattended with stones.